Nov 19, 2017
Cross Fold Teaser!

A simple demo of Antimatter Audio's new module, the Cross Fold, a 6hp, analog 8-stage Euro Rack CV wavefolder with 2 CV cross faders (in and out) that specializes in generating smooth to extreme morphing, audio rate cross modulations from two sources! Demonstrated here with two humble sine waves :-)

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Sep 06, 2016
Antimatter will be at Knobcon 2016!

We will be in the silent area with a case that will contain a Brain Seed, Launch Codes (hello TSA!), Launch Codes expander proto, and Sub Ring!

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Feb 26, 2016
Implanting the Brain Seed

(Cue new press release smell)

We are Antimatter Audio - and we would like to introduce you to our first module, the Brain Seed!

Simply put, the brain seed is a step recorder with many extras that packs as much fun and functionality as we could wedge behind a 4hp panel while keeping the interface a…

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